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Enterprise Resource Planning

Our ERP system poses wide array of modules to optimise operations and Financial management; Cost Accounting for precise budgeting and cost control; Billing and Invoicing, ensuring quick and accurate billing cycles; Customer Relationship Management (CRM), to nurture and track client interactions; and Compliance Management for adherence to regulations.





Financial Management Development

Comprehensive financial oversight and enhanced decision-making with Real-Time Financial Analytics,  Strategic Budgeting Tools, Integrated Accounting Systems  
  • Track financial health with real-time dashboards displaying key metrics and cash flows.
  • Implement precision in planning with tools that streamline the budgeting process, aligning with your company's financial goals.  
  • Synchronize your financial records across departments for a unified accounting approach.

Payment processing systems

Engineered to ensure seamless, secure, and swift transactions with Multi-Currency Support, Customizable Reporting Tools, and Automated Fraud Detection.
  • Facilitate global transactions with a system capable of handling multiple currencies and exchange rates.
  • Protect your revenue with advanced algorithms designed to detect and prevent fraudulent activities in real-time.  
  • Gain actionable insights with customizable reports that track transactional data and financial trends.

Cost Accounting

Refine your financial strategy with the cost accounting module, designed for detailed financial insight and superior cost management.  
  •  Gain in-depth visibility into your expenditures with our module that meticulously categorizes and records every cost, tracing them to their respective departments, projects, or activities.  
  • Advanced Variance Analysis: Equip your business with the ability to compare budgeted costs against actual spending, providing immediate clarity on financial deviations for timely corrective action.
  • Make informed financial decisions with our tools that dissect the profitability of business segments, guiding strategic adjustments to enhance overall fiscal health.

Billing and Invoicing Development

Billing and Invoicing solutions, ensuring accuracy and speed in every transaction cycle with Automated Invoicing:, Customizable Billing Schedules, Electronic Payment Integration: 
  • Reduce manual errors with automation that generates precise invoices based on client contracts and purchase orders.
  • Tailor billing cycles to match service delivery, subscription plans, or project milestones.
  • Facilitate faster payments with integrated electronic payment options that offer convenience to customers.
Enterprise resource planning development

Case Study: Municipality with Hundred Thousands of users under new system

Zentrix has developed ERP system for heating company covering modules for Financial Management, Cost Accounting, Billing and Invoicing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Compliance Management, Energy management and variability expenses. The product is the results of several years of work and implementation of processes in organisations, that included requirements definition, infrastructure and security setup, engineering and development of ERP, IoT reading and integration, as well as migration of 4 old sub-systems and databases into a single solution.

The system is now used to powercharge the whole Municipality, streamlining previous processes distibuted over a set of isolated services, saving time,  and increasing efficiency with integrated system that offers unique focal point of access to all data, information and reports.


  • ERP
  • CRM
  • IOT

Case Study: Stahl and Bahl

Solution developed for manufacturing company and integration with their exporter. By combining finance, production and inventory modules, it helps management efficiently handle both financial aspects and production operations. The finance module simplifies finance management, aiding with straightforward invoicing process and integrating smoothly with clients’ purchasing departments for swift and accurate exchange of information and purchase orders.

The production module features a production calendar, assisting in organizing production and maximizing capacity. It also monitors potential production delays, issuing alerts when necessary. Additionally, it enables real-time communication within the production sector and assigns tasks to different users. This module includes inventory management and tracking, enhancing inventory planning and resulting in cost savings and improved efficiency.


  • ERP

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