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Logistics optimisation

Extensive range of services specifically engineered to refine transportation operations and logistics management; Inventory Management for enhanced visibility and control over stock levels; Order Processing to expedite order throughput and accuracy; Fleet Management to optimize route planning and reduce transit times; Supply Chain Analytics to empower strategic decision-making with actionable data insights; and Compliance to driving regulations.


Fleet management

Optimise your logistics with our advanced Fleet Management satellite-based system, delivering unparalleled control and insights into your transportation assets.  
  • Route Optimization: Maximize efficiency with dynamic routing that reduces fuel costs and improves delivery times.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Tracking: Ensure the reliability of your fleet with scheduled maintenance alerts and comprehensive vehicle health reports.
  • Real-Time Fleet Tracking: Enhance operational visibility with GPS tracking that provides real-time location data for every vehicle in your fleet.

Case Study: Satellite-based logistics optimization for NELT Distribution

Zentrix Lab and NELT have joined forces to develop of innovative solutions for optimising and monitoring road and rail transport. Zentrix develop solution based on European satellite technologies to address key challenges in transport and logistics, enhancing efficiency and sustainability of transportation in Europe.


  • NELT
  • ETA

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