Case Study: Satellite-based logistics optimization for Nelt Group




SPATRA Project: Innovative Solutions for Transport and Logistics – Collaboration between ZENTRIX LAB and Nelt Companies

Zentrix Lab and Nelt have joined forces in the SPATRA project, which commenced on January 1st, 2024. The SPATRA project is focused on the development of innovative solutions for optimizing and monitoring road and rail logistics, based on the application of European satellite technologies to address key challenges in transport and logistics, enhancing efficiency and sustainability of transportation in Europe.

The project also aims at raising awareness, promoting, and facilitating the acceptance of European satellite technologies in non-EU countries to benefit from their advanced features, alongside building capacities and raising awareness about the applications of the EU space program, such as Galileo, GNSS, and Copernicus.

What will SPATRA bring?

SPATRA will develop innovative applications for road and rail transport and logistics using satellites, positioning technology, and drones. The applications for road transport will focus on better prediction of waiting times at borders and availability of parking necessary for drivers to take legally mandated breaks.

This information will enable transport companies to better predict the ETA (estimated time of arrival), thereby allowing for improved planning of transport and its route, minimizing the risks of delays, and reducing costs. This is of crucial importance not only for transport companies but also for the final recipients of goods, as it achieves an increase in the visibility of goods movement and enhances the reliability level of the transport services provided.

The SPATRA project represents a joint effort by Zentrix Lab and Nelt to address key challenges in transport and logistics through the innovative application of European satellite technologies. This partnership is not just a symbol of collaboration between two companies, but also a step forward towards enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness in the European transport sector. We look forward to our joint journey and the results we will achieve to shape a better future for transport and logistics for all.


Project is financed by the European Commision 

Representatives of the companies participated in the kick-off meeting recently held at the headquarters of the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) in Prague, where they discussed further activities and the project plan for the next 2 years with other consortium members.

Follow us and stay tuned

To stay updated with the news and achievements of the SPATRA project, follow the official pages of Zentrix Lab and Nelt, as well as the official SPATRA project page.

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